The Funny Life of Teachers

James Campbell, James Campbell / Rob Jones


Everything you ever wanted to know about teachers..and some other funny things not about teachers

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Watch out teachers!!! all your secrets are about to be uncovered, now everyone will know what you get up to when you’re not being a teacher, or at least what James Campbell imagines you get up to, so it may be better for you to just tell your class now, unless you really do just go home and hang out with your 576 cats?

For anyone who’s had the pleasure of attending Just So Festival in “sunny” cheshire, you’re sure to be familiar with James Campbell, he’s definitely one of the stars of the show presenting his stand up comedy show for kids and more recently That Was The Week For Kids, alongside all of this he’s also had some time to write some very funny books.

Following on from Jame’s insightful exposé of the life of Pets, this hillarious book teaches you why you should carry an emergency banana with you at all times, how to fart in class silently without anyone knowing it was you and how to catapult yourself to school by building a medieval style catapult in your back garden, all accompanied of course by amazing illustrations from Rob Jones.


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