Tate Kids British Art Activity Book

James Lambert & Sharna Jackson, Tate

Tate, Tate Publishing

An activity book with a difference!


A book of activities based on 10 historical, modern and contemporary British artworks, with activities and games based around each one. Not your straight forward kids activity book, this one requires some thought put into it, each section has a short introduction to the artist and a piece of their work, then a suggested activity, action or game inspired by it.

“Play a game of ‘Formaldehyde and Seek’ inspired by Damien Hirst; take cues from Barbara Hepworth and carve a sculpture out of soap; and find out how to capture the spectacular glow of J.M.W. Turner’s painted sunsets with a torch and some cellophane”

The activities and games encourage a greater understanding of the artist’s ideas and introduce children to artworks in a variety of media including photography, mixed media, sculpture, conceptual art, installation art, and painting.


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