A World Of Your Own

Laura Carlin


Journey through Laura Carlin’s colorful and imaginative visual world


A World Of Your Own takes the reader on a journey to help them create their own imaginary world, asking plenty of questions along the way, such as if you could make your own house what would it look like? how would you get from one floor to the other. If you need to get up in the morning no one wants a boring alarm clock to wake them up, so what better invention could you come up with? And who wants to ride around in a car when they can take a banana to work? These are just Laura Carlin’s suggestions of course but i’m sure you’ve got plenty of your own!!

Laura Carlin is an award-winning London based ceramicist and illustrator, whose eye-catching designs and quirky sculptures have developed a cult following in the UK and abroad. The workshop delivered by artist duo Lets Make Art for Word Play is based around the ideas in this book.

Lets Make Art are an artists duo from Bristol who specialise in running large scale workshops for families, giving children the opportunity to discover and create high quality artwork, you can see more about their work here


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