Your Mind is Like the Sky

Bronwen Ballard, Bronwen Ballard & Laura Carlin

Frances Lincoln

Sometimes its clear and blue. But sometimes a raincloud thought comes along and makes everything seem dark

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“So what can we do about rainclouds” This beautiful book perfectly illustrates what its like to have a raincloud day, how your thoughts are sometimes like nice white fluffy ones, but then along comes a raincloud thought and makes you feel all fizzy and stormy, or maybe just a bit grey. It walks us through the choices we have when faced with a raincloud thought, get caught up inside it, get your wellies on and dig around inside it, ignore it and hope it floats away, or acknowledge it and then notice all the other white fluffy clouds along side it.

Bronwen Ballard is a coach and psychologist, she teaches mindfulness based thinking skills in primary schools, her approach here provides a clear and calm approach to what can be a tricky subject to discuss with kids. Matched perfectly with Laura Carlin’s wonderful illustrations, that demonstrate so well the feeling of wrestling with raincloud thoughts.

We bought this book for our kids and it’s become a truly important resource for when dark clouds come around.


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