Milton The Mighty (milton book 1)

Emma Read

Chicken House Books

Can Milton be the mighty spider he needs to be, to save himself and his friends?

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Milton is a harmless little spider happily living alongside the house humans, that is until BugKILL come along! Having been mistakenly branded as DEADLY on social media Milton finds himself in a race to save his life and that of his fellow false widow spiders, supported by his BFF’s big hairy Ralph and Audrey the daddy-long-legs they set out to clear his name. However they soon discover that the only way they will succeed is by communicating with Zoe the smallest house human, who may just be able to help them convince her arachnophobic dad and the rest of the crazy humans that Milton is nice and not deadly.

This is the first book in the Milton series and a very funny, entertaining read which may also just help one or two of your to overcome your fear of spiders!!!


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