The Funny Life of Sharks

James Campbell, James Campbell / Rob Jones


Ever wondered why sharks have such a bad reputation? have we all got it wrong?

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For anyone who’s had the pleasure of attending Just So Festival in “sunny” cheshire, you’re sure to be familiar with James Campbell, he’s definitely one of the stars of the show presenting his stand up comedy show for kids and more recently That Was The Week For Kids, alongside all of this he’s also had some time to write some very funny books.

If you’ve ever wondered why sharks have such a bad reputation? or if they are actually dangerous, human-munching monsters? Or whether infact we’ve all got it wrong then this is the book for you. James Campbell’s book explores in great depth the ridiculous life of sharks, along with the humour you may also learn something about the many different types of sharks and why its so important that we look after them. All accompanied by fantastic illustrations by Rob Jones

Prepare to roll around the floor laughing with the snot-inducingly brilliant


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