Rain Before Rainbows

David Litchfield, Smriti Halls

Walker, walker books

A beautiful book about friendship and hope

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A young girl and her fox campanion travel together through uncertain times towards the hope of colour, light and life. Finding friends and support along the way as they travel towards the rainbow that they know will come after the rain.

A lovely picture book about friendship and finding your way, beautifully illustrated by David Lichfield

Smriti Halls is an award-winning children’s author. With a cast of characters as varied as mischievous monsters and disgruntled geese, she explores relationship and identity; the personal and the political; how it feels to be in your own skin — and in someone else’s. Her books, often fast-paced and funny or lyrical and tender, are always full of hope and heart and speak to the child in all of us.


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