Ada Twist and the perilous Pantaloons

Andrea Beaty / David Roberts


The Queen of Questions…


Ada Twists brain is never turned off, from the minute she wakes up she is questioning everything and anything. This questioning brain of hers is exactly whats needed when Rosie Revere’s Uncle Ned gets carried away in his famous helium pantaloons. How can they help him get down, how far could he possibly float? Ada and her friends Iggy and Rose set to work to find out the answer.

Not happy with just being picture book characters these plucky kids now star in their own chapter books, each one follows the lead character as their curious minds lead them into all kinds of adventures. Ada, Iggy and Rosie help one another to solve mystery’s, un ravel science queries and create crazy inventions, written by the wonderful Andrea Beaty and accompanied by David Roberts’s witty illustrations throughout, these books are a great way to welcome young readers into the world of chapter books.


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