The Worst Class In the World Gets Worse

Joanna Nadin



According to head teacher Mrs Bottomley-Blunt, 4B is the WORST CLASS IN THE WORLD. She says school is not about footling or fiddle-faddling or FUN. It is about LEARNING and it is high time 4B tried harder to EXCEL at it.

But Stanley and Manjit didn’t LITERALLY mean to flood the toilets when they should have been monitoring the playground. And they definitely didn’t LITERALLY mean to bring a penguin home from the zoo on their school trip. These things just happened even though they had a FOOLPROOF plan to get away with them.

This is the second book in this laugh out loud book series by Joanna Nadin with illustrations by Rikin Parekh. According to Molly (Age 8) its “Hillarious and cheeky”



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