The Highland Falcon Theif (Adventures on trains book 1)

M.G.Leonard & Sam Sedgman, MG Leonard

Pan Macmillan, PanMacmillan

Adventures On Trains Series Book 1

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Life is about to change a lot for 12 year old Harrison, he’s about to become a brother! No one asked him if he wanted a baby sister though and he’s slightly put out when he’s told he’ll be joining his Uncle Nat (a famous travel writer) on the final journey of the Highland Falcon while his moms in hospital, it may be Britains most famous steam train but what does he care? trains are boring and he barely knows his Uncle.

Its safe to say that Harrison’s mind is completely turned around as throughout the book he discovers a stowaway, who becomes his best friend, meets royalty and gets embroiled in a mystery to uncover a jewel thief. All this whilst enjoying the splendour of The Highland Falcon Thief on its final journey.

This is the first book in a fantastic series of mystery adventure books, brilliantly written by dream team M G Leonard & Sam Sedgman, illustrated throughout by Elisa Paganelli. We had to write down our predictions, Cluedo stylee, and put them in a sealed envelope until the end of the book to see if any of us could guess who the culprit was…happy to say I won!

Winner of the Book of the Year, Children’s Fiction at The British Book Awards, 2021Winner of the Books are My Bag Readers Award, Children’s Fiction 2020


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