You Must Be Layla

Yassmin Abdel-Magied


Making friends, standing up for your rights and creating inventions!


Layla is 13 years old, she’s clever, funny and ambitious and she’s earned herself a scholarship to a fancy new school in Australia. leaving her comfortable Islamic school in Brisbane she enters her new school determined to make an impression, however having to defend herself against a prejudiced bully in her first week leads to her making the wrong kind of impression. She’s sure she’s done the right thing, standing up for herself, but being suspended is not the way she expected this new school experience to start! to make amends she sets her sights on inventing something that could win the big robotics competition.

A laugh out loud story about friendships, making your way in the world and having the confidence to do things your way. You Must Be Layla introduces Sudanese-born author, broadcaster, social advocate and mechanical engineer Yassmin Abdel-Magied as an exciting new voice in children’s writing.


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