The Fir Tree

Hans Christian Andersen / Sanna Annukka, Hans Christian Anderson / Sanna Anuka

Hutchinson, Hutchison / Penguin

“Out in the forest stood such a charming fir tree” who longs to grow bigger and be just like the other tall trees…

The Fir tree wants to grow taller and be like the other trees who are chopped down, stripped of their branches and carried off to sea, or like the smaller trees who are taken to be adorned with decorations at Christmas. Then one year the little tree is the very first to be chosen as a Christmas tree, but it turns out that leaving the forest and all his companions is not as pleasant as he imagined.

Hans Christian Andersen’s tale of a young fir tree seeking greater glory is uplifted by Sanna Annukka’s stunning illustrations, the book is hardback and cloth bound, a beautiful gift for book lovers young or old!!


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