The Funny Life of Pets

James Campbell, James Campbell / Rob Jones


“WARNING: Anything you think you might have learned from this book might not be very accurate so should not be used in a school project or as part of homework. Unless of course, you are made of stardust and are as brave as sunshine.”

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For anyone who’s had the pleasure of attending Just So Festival in “sunny” cheshire, you’re sure to be familiar with James Campbell, he’s definitely one of the stars of the show presenting his stand up comedy show for kids and more recently That Was The Week For Kids, alongside all of this he’s also had some time to write some very funny books.

Any book that starts off by telling you its NOT a normal book has got to be good, surely? this first instruction lets you know that this is not a book to be read the BORING old way that most books are read, this one must be read forwards backwards, sideways and apparently in approximately 861,000 different ways in between.. according to its author.

Once you’ve figured out how exactly you’re going to read it you’ll find out that its full of answers to all the big questions, such as how can i persaude my parents to get me a pet? and do sausage dogs eat sausages? A fantastic mix of real and made up facts about pets with fantastic illustrations by Rob Jones.


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