Wildwood (wildwood book 1)

Carson Ellis, Colin Meloy, Colin Meloy & Carson Ellis

Canon Gate, Canongate

“Once I stepped inside I never wanted to leave” Lemony Snicket

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What do you do when your baby brother is stolen away from you by crows and carried off to a woodland? and not just any woodland but a woodland called the “Impassable Wilderness” where no child or adult should ever set foot?

Well there really is only one solution, you have to go after him, which is exactly what Prue McKeel did, unwittingly taking her class mate Curtis along for the ride too. The two of them enter the Impassable Wilderness expecting to be back in time for tea, they are however plunged into the world of Wildwood where trouble and magic ensue, the likes of which Prue never thought possible.

An enchanting tale of a warring world not too dis-similar to our own, minus the talking animals, the Government’s in disarray, a dictator on the warpath and bandits just out to save themselves..and this is only part one!

Author Colin Meloy is the singer and songwriter for the band The Decemberists, this is his first novel. Carson Ellis is one of my favourite illustrators, she’s won awards for her most recent book “Du Iz Tak” and also created the wonderful “Home” both books that regularly grace the shelves of the Wren.

Colin and Carson live with their sons in Portland, Oregon, quite near the Impassible Wilderness


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