Milton The Megastar (milton book 2)

Emma Read

Chicken House Books

Having found stardom Milton is finding it exhausting and so are his friends!

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Having turned into a bit of a media star Milton’s ego seems to be taking over, his friends Zoe (house human) Audrey (Daddy Long Legs) and Ralph (big hairy spider) think that Milton (who is also a spider) is turning into a bit of a diva!! Milton however is finding all the superstardom a bit stressful, the events, the glamour, the fans!!! So when Zoe’s dad and his girlfriend plan an exotic trip she decides it time to take her spider friends along for a break too. The combination of a live volcano, endangered species of spiders and unscupulous entrepeneur along with Milton’s superstar ego all add up to this not really being the relaxing break that Zoe intended….

Emma Reads follow up to Milton The Mighty this second read is a veru funny sequal in this series of spider adventures! great for confident readers age 7+ or for younger ages to be read to.


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