The Onion’s Great Escape

Sara Fanelli

Paidon, Phaidon

“There are so many things that I long to know”


Can someone be good and bad? How long is a minute? Can your memory become full? These are some of the tricky questions posed by the Onion during its great escape from the frying pan. Designed as an experience, The Onion’s Great Escape is a unique activity book that breaks all the rules: reading through the pages you are invited to write in your answers, draw pictures and pop out the slices of onion from every page, liberating the 3D paper onion from the core of the book whilst the remainder of the book stays intact for future reads.

Born in Florence and based in London, illustrator Sara Fanelli has won several international awards. Most notably in 2006 she was the first female illustrator to receive an Honorary Royal Designer for Industry fellowship from the Royal Society of Arts.


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