Draw with rob

Rob Biddulph

Harper Collins

Anyone can draw!!!

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What better way to learn to draw than with an award winning illustrator? Rob Biddulph has brought to life many of his own children’s books such as Blown Away, Dinosaur Juniors series, Odd Dog Out and his most recent book Dog Gone, as well as illustrating for other well know authors including one of our favourites Piers Torday. Rob started up a bi weekly drawing session in March 2020 to keep the nation entertained and engaged during the national lockdown, the success of which has led to this fantastic activity book. It includes easy to follow guides on how to draw Robs much loved characters, and whilst you might think that this means they’ll be legions of kids growing up drawing like Rob Biddulph, he also offers tips on how to make things your own and how to build your own characters. The book includes puzzles and games along with the drawings and a certificate for you to fill in once you’ve completed all the drawings. All of the pages have a perforated seams to allow you to display your master pieces.

NB. On 21 May 2020 Rob broke the Guinness World Record for the largest ever online art class when 45,611 people tuned in to his live #DrawWithRob YouTube class, we joined in and are now the proud owners of two world record breaker certificates!!!

All of the classes are also online and are now run weekly on a Saturday morning 10am on Youtube


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