King Coo

Adam Stower

David Fickling Books

If Peter Pan had been a girl… with a beard…


If you were on the run from a bunch of bullies what would you want to discover? well a forest with ropes swings, water slides and someone who makes up incredible inventions like Cow-pat-a-pults would be perfect wouldn’t it? This is EXACTLY whats happens to Ben Pole when he’s being chased by Monty Grabbe and his gang, he stumbles upon King Coo (a bearded female ruler of course) she lives in a treehouse, with Herbert the wombat and creates incredible inventions, which is extremely helpful because Monty and his gang have a dastardly plan and Ben needs all the help he can get to defeat them….

Hugely entertainting and funny adventure book by award winning illustrator / author Adam Stower with illustrations throughout.


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