The Wizard of Oz

L.Frank Baum


“A stunningly beautiful hardback edition of the most famous journey in the world”


So synonymous is this story with the 1939 film version, that many people have never realised it was first a book, its based on a story that the author used to tell to his children and was first published in 1900 becoming and instant best seller!

I’m sure you know the story but here’s a short summary just in case; Dorothy thinks she’s lost forever when a terrifying tornado whisks her and her dog Toto far away from Kansas and to a magical land, the land of Oz. In order to return home Dorothy must follow the yellow brick road to the Emerald City and find the wonderfully mysterious Wizard of Oz. Thankfully she finds some friendly companions along the way who help her in her mission.

The book has everything that the film has and more, I have two copies of this book from when I was a kid, I read it to my daughter when she was a baby and have re-read it several times since, she and her sister also still enjoy the film, there’s nothing like a classic…and there’s no place like home.


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