The Goldfish Boy

Lisa Thompson


“A story about finding friendship when you’re lonely – and hope when all you feel is fear”


Matthew is a 12 year old boy, but unlike a lot of other 12 year olds Matthew spends most of his time trapped in his bedroom, staring out of his window, not out of choice but because a condition called OCD keeps him from venturing outside.  As he sits an watches his neighbours come and go he becomes very observant, a skill that helps to turn his life around, when, one day his next door neighbours son Teddy goes missing. Matthew was definitely the last person to see him and so now he must take on the role of detective and unravel the mystery to save Teddy.

“Page-turning, heartbreaking, but ultimately life-affirming, this story is perfect for fans of Can You See Me, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time and Wonder”


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