Kidnap on The California Comet (Adventures on trains book 2)

M.G.Leonard & Sam Sedgman, MG Leonard

Pan Macmillan, PanMacmillan

Adventures On Trains Series Book 2

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All aboard the California Comet for another page turning mystery, this is the second in the Adventures on Trains series, although they can easily be read in any order, there are things that avid readers will pick up on if read in order, but each is a stand alone book.

This second installation see’s Harrison Beck being whisked away once again by Uncle Nat to travelĀ  the iconic three day journey from Chicago to San Francisco aboard the California Comet, he soon finds some train companions in siblings Hadley and Mason and they settle in for the journey. However its not long before things start to go awry. Marianne, daughter of a billionaire train-enthusiast goes missing and Hal finds himself at the centre of another mystery. However been responsible for solving the riddle of the jewellery thief aboard the Highland Falcon Thief, Hal is finding it difficult to convince his Uncle that something suspicious is occuring, Uncle Nat thinks Hal has caught the bug and is looking out for mystery.. but it turns out it just seems to keep on following him from one train journey to the next!

This is one way in which the authors have cleverly dealt with “midsummer murders” style issue of our key character always bumping into mysterious situations! and i’m glad to say that book number 2 is just as thrilling and brilliantly written as the first, with plot twists a plenty. Once again accompanied by Elisa Paganellis ingenious illustrations.



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