The Kiosk

Anete Melece

Gecko Press

A charming and original picture book about pursuing your dreams and believing in yourself. With cutout kiosk window to spark imaginative play and interactive reading.

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Olga, works in the kiosk, she also lives in the kiosk and its been that way for years, she can’t seem to escape it. Every day she talks to her regular customers as they come to visit, everybody needs something different but what does Olga need? One day something unexpected happens which literaly turns Olga’s life upside down.

I LOVE everything about this book, the quirky story about being stuck in a daily routine, the beautiful illustrations and the book design with a cut out window. Originally produced as a short animation the story has been loving interpretated as a picture book for all to enjoy (even though its aimed at 5-8 year olds but why should they have all the fun?)

Anete Melece is a Latvian author, illustrator and film animator. She has published a number of books and her animated films have received awards at multiple international film festivals, including Kiosk (2013). It has been translated into English by El?na Braslina.


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