Round & Round & Square

Fredun Shapur

Tate, Tate Publishing

A circle and a square share their world, playing with shapes and colour


Inspirational in its simplicity “round, round and square” takes you on a journey into the imaginary world of a circle and a square who, through playing together show you how they’re able to make so many different shapes and pictures. The mix of bright colours and bold design will capture the imagination of any child. Written and designed by Fredun Shapur in 1965 it has been reissued for today’s young folk by Tate publishing.

Fredun Shapur studied at St Martin’s and the RCA in the 1950s, and worked as a designer for advertising agencies and design studios in London and Prague. He is best known for his work designing educational children’s toys for Naef in Switzerland, Galt Toys in the UK and Creative Playthings in the US.


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