Mary Poppins Up and Away

Hélène Druvert

Thames & Hudson

A beautifully crafted homage to P.L.Travers’ much loved stories

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A luxurious, illustrated take on Pamela L Travers eternally popular story. Come along children, Mary Poppins wants to take you on a thrilling adventure across London. Michael and Jane have a new kite to fly, they run to the park and as it soars up high who should they spot? its Mary Poppins dropping in to say hello, so off they go visiting Buckingham Palace and Big Ben until the rain stops play and they return home. Only then Jane finds a seashell and as she listens to the sounds of the sea, Mary takes them on an underwater adventure.

“This charming book takes readers on a thrilling adventure through London with the most amazing of all nannies, Mary Poppins, as a guide. Hélène Druvert’s intricate lasercuts and delicate illustrations show the city and its sights at their very best, and offer a wonderfully imaginative introduction both to London and to the world of Pamela L. Travers’ eternally popular Mary Poppins.”
This is not the story of Mary Poppins, but the essense of it in lazer cut form. A stunning and delicate book its one to keep up high and get down for special occasions. I’m not usually that keen on such books, I feel that children’s books should be there to be leafed through, read and re-read. However there are a few that are so special you’re willing to make an expection and this is one of those! a beautiful keep sake.


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