Junket is Nice

Dorothy Cunhart, Dorothy Kunhardt

New York Review Children's Collection, NY Review ofBooks

Everyone tries to guess what the old man is thinking, but only the boy on the tricycle gets it right

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An old man with a red beard and red slippers sits at a table eating junket out of a big red bowl. He eats and he eats and he eats, in fact he eats for so long that people start to form a crowd to watch him. More and more people come until all the people in the world are there. The old man offers them something nice if they can guess what he’s thinking about as he’s eating, and he helpfully offers three things that he is NOT thinking about it, just to make it easier. He is not thinking about:

  • a walrus with an apple on his back
  • a one year old lion blowing out the candle on his lovely birthday cake
  • a cow with her head in a bag

So should be easy then?

Funny and bizarre in equal measures this book will add fuel to the fire of any young imagination, although it may also lead to them licking the bowl…sorry!

Written and Illustrated by Dorothy Kunhardt, Junket is Nice was first published in 1932 and is one of The New York Review Children’s Collection books, created in 2003 to re-introduce classic children’s titles to a new audience.


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