The Wonder Brothers

Frank Cottrell Boyce & Steven Lenton

Pan Macmillan

Magic, massive bunny rabbits and a disappearing British landmark, welcome to The Wonder Brothers!!

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Cousins Middy and Nathan love magic, and together they form a magic act called The Wonder Brothers. Middy uses magic skills to help her get out of tricky situations, whereas show-off Nathan is drawn to creating spectacles and dazzling audiences.

When the world-famous Blackpool Tower dramatically vanishes on the night of the Grand Lights Switch-On, Nathan announces live on TV that The Wonder Brothers will magic it back. Soon, Nathan, Middy, their big cousin Brodie and an oversized rabbit set out on an adventure quest to find Perplexion, the Master of Mystery, who can put the Tower back.

With a stick of rock, a spangly cape, and a bit of misdirection, they end up lost in Las Vegas..

Hardback book


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