The Infinite

Patience Agbabi

Canon Gate, Canongate

“Vivid, Funny, Exciting and Inventive” Philip Pullman

Elle is a Leapling, meaning that she was born on the 29th February, which is very rare, but more than that Elle is a Leapling with The Gift, she can leap through time.
Ellie lives with her Nigerian straight talking grandmother, she attends the Intercalary International school, but things are tough, learning to control her Gift is challenging and on top of that she’s being bullied. A glimmer of relief is provided by a planned school trip, a “Leap” to the Time Squad headquarters in 2048, to visit the guardians of time travel, it will be the first time Elle has used her Gift. But excitement turns worry when Elle receives a mysterious warning from the future, things aren’t as they should be and Elle soon finds herself in a race against time to save the world.
The Infinite is the first book in The Leap Cycle series, Patience Agbabi’s book has received rave reviews from literary stars, I love that the books main character has Autism but that the book isn’t about that, just part of who she is.
Recommended for ages 8 – 11 years old


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