Little People Big Dreams David Attenborough

Maria Isabel Sanches Vegara, Maria Isabel Sánchez Vegara, Mikyo Noh

Frances Lincoln

“An understanding of the natural world and what’s in it is a source of not only a great curiosity but great fulfillment” David Attenborough
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Discover the lives of outstanding people, from designers and artists to scientists. All of them achieved incredible things, yet each began life as a child with a dream.”

We all love David Attenborough right? good, well now you can learn a little bit more about him and make sure that you’re children are educated about Sir David, his early years and what inspired his love of the natural world. This edition of the Little People Big Dreams series follow young David as he becomes an avid collector of fossils and plants, leading to his love and fascination of living things and science. An inspiriational story for all minds young and old!

This series of books illustrates the inspirational lives of artists, designers, authors, scientists and adventurers, distilling their experiences into a bite size story with a more detailed timeline included within the back pages.


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