Underwildwood (wildwood Book 2)

Carson Ellis, Colin Meloy, Colin Meloy & Carson Ellis

Canon Gate, Canongate

“A richly satisfying weave of reality and fantasy” New York Times

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Prue McKeel is finding it difficult to settle back into home life, after the adventures in Wildwood and rescuing her brother from the clutches of the wicked Dowager Governess. She also seems to have become attuned to the trees, noticing their murmurs, its almost as if they’re speaking to her.

Its not long before Prue is swept back into the chaos of Wildwood, when a dark assassin attacks her and a flock of Heron’s come to her rescue, led by Curtis (who never left the wood) and Brendan the bandit king, they need Prue alive for the safety of the whole wood….

Author Colin Meloy is the singer and songwriter for the band The Decemberists, this is his first novel. Carson Ellis is one of my favourite illustrators, she’s won awards for her most recent book “Du Iz Tak” and also created the wonderful “Home” both books that regularly grace the shelves of the Wren.

Colin and Carson live with their sons in Portland, Oregon, quite near the Impassible Wilderness


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