Who Will Comfort Toffle

Tove Jansson

Sort of, Sort of Books

Toffle is alone and doesn’t know how to make a friend, until he receives a call for help…


If I was asked to pick a favourite book, it would be hard, but I think this would have to be it. Who will comfort Toffle? is a heart-warming tale of a shy and lonely creature who doesn’t know that to make friends all you have to do is say hello, not hide away. He journeys past eight contented whompses, each more jolly than the last and he trudges on whilst Hemulen lights fireworks and everyone eats pancakes stuffed with jam, cakes and macaroons. That is until he finds a message in a bottle, not addressed to him, but nevertheless he takes on the call for help as his personal crusade and it turns out that all Toffle needed was a Miffle who needed him too.

Jansson’s inimitable artwork is at its finest in this book with each page venturing further into the captivating world of Moomin Valley.

Tove Jansson’s timeless tales of the magical, mythical world of Moomin Valley have been enchanting readers young and old since their creation in the 1950s. Originally written in Swedish and published in 1960 Who will comfort Toffle? was re-published in 2003 by Sort of Books with a updated translation by Sophie Hannah.


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