The Secret Keepers

Trenton Lee Stewart

Chicken House Books

A magical watch and a long kept secret combine to create a dangerous mission for Reuben.


Who wouldn’t be excited to find an old pocket watch hidden in a wall? Reuben definitely was when he scaled a building to wile away the hours and came back with, what he thought to be, a precious antique. Surely this would be the answer to all of his and his moms dreams, she’d be able to give up one of her many jobs at least! But of course nothing is ever that simple, Reuben discovers the watch has secret powers, it can provide its owner with 15 minutes of invisibility. Unfortunately for him someone else also knows of its secret powers and since Reuben’s been trying to find out the value of the watch, he’s alerted a evil villain of the watches whereabouts.

A thrilling adventure from the author of the bestselling series The Mysterious Benedict Society, a definite page turner!!



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