Jenny’s Mooniight Adventure

Esther Averill

New York Review Children's Collection, NY Review ofBooks

It’s Hallowe’en…Jenny and the Cat Club are very excited


Hallowe’en is a special time for everyone but even more so for black cats and Jenny cannot wait for this Hallowe’en in particular as the beautiful Persian cat Madame Butterfly will be performing a concert on her crystal flute. All of the Cat Club eagerly await the star attraction but then disaster strikes. Madame has fallen and hurt herself and the flute has been lost…can Jenny Linksy be brave enough to help?

Jenny Linksy is a shy black cat who lives in Greenwich Village with Captain Tinker. This book is one of a series of tales about her adventures and is beautifully written and illustrated by Esther Averill. First published in the 1950s these lovely stories still feel contemporary for today’s audience.

This is one of The New York Review Children’s Collection books, created in 2003 to re-introduce classic children’s titles to a new audience.


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