The Book About Moomin, Mymble & Little My

Tove Jansson

Sort of, Sort of Books

As Moomintroll hurry’s home he comes across Mymble crying, she’s lost Little My where can she be?

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Pesky Little My has run away and is hiding from her sister Mymble, Moomintroll joins in the hunt for the tiny creature, looking in tin cans, avoiding being bitten by Gaffsie, searching through boulders piled up high and getting sucked up by Hemulens vacuum hose. They find Little My and the adventure continues, leaping from page to page through its die cut design you’ll be glad to know they end up safe and sound at home and drinking sweet pink berry juice. They can’t get through the last hole in the book and why?  “cause we’re too big!!!” said little My”

Tove Jansson’s timeless tales of the magical, mythical world of Moomin Valley have been enchanting readers young and old since their creation in the 1950’s. Originally written in Swedish and published in 1952 The Book about Moomin, Mymble and Little My was re published in 2001 by Sort of Books with an updated translation by Sophie Hannah.


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