The Secret Garden

Frances Hodgson Burnett


A beautiful hardback edition of a classic book

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Being born to wealthy parents who didn’t really want her and brought up by servants, has made 10 yr old Mary Lennox a spoiled and self centred child. When her parents die Mary’s world, as you can imagine, is turned upside down. She’s sent to live in her uncle’s isolated mansion in the Yorkshire moors, a world away from the lifestyle she had become acustomed to.

Lonely and with no one to play with, Mary dislikes her new home and everyone there. But things take a turn when she starts to soften and befriends the mansions staff, she learns about her Aunt and of the walled garden that she loved. The garden is out of bounds, having been locked up since her Aunts accidental death, assisted by a robin Mary uncovers the key to the garden, where a gust of magic leads her to a hidden door and a world that she could never have imagined.

A story about friendship and family and discovering that within your imagination may lie the power to change lives.

The Secret Garden was first published in book form in 1911, Set in England, it is one of Burnett’s most popular novels and seen as a classic of English children’s literature.

Reading age is recommended as 9+ I’ve included in the younger age category of 6-8 as a book to be read by an adult, but of course be aware of the content and that its an old book!


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