Story & Truth

Ian Douglas & Ben Javens

How Brave Is The Wren

A tale about how there came to be truth in every story…

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Story is a young man who travels the world meeting new people and being welcomed into their homes, Truth is a wise and elderly lady who carries the weight of the world on her shoulders. When the two meet, Truth asks why it is that she is never welcomed into peoples homes, Story doesn’t know why, but he does know that people will always welcome a Story if it is well told.

Ian Douglas is a Storyteller and Theatre Maker who works extensively across the British Isles. With over 20 years of experience delivering storytelling, performance and theatre activities he has developed a practised approach which mixes sensitivity, comedic energy and wit leading to a style all of his own.

Ben Javens is a freelance illustrator originally from West Yorkshire, he now lives and works in Birmingham. Amongst other illustration jobs he works as a designer and illustrator for children’s magazines Anorak and dot.

This book was brought to life by the generous donations of many amazing people, through a crowdfunding campaign.

Story & Truth Activity

As a special holiday treat the brilliant Lets Make Art duo have created this Story & Truth related activity, create your own story cubes to help you invent your own wierd and wonderful tales! Watch the video here And download the instruction sheet here

If you make something that you want to share with us, either tag us into a post on instagram
or email it to me [email protected] All submissions will be in with a chance of winning a copy of Story & Truth. Offer ends 31st Jan 2022.


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