The Pencil

Allan Ahlberg, Bruce Ingman

Walker, walker books

Once there was a pencil, a lonely little pencil and nothing else…

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The Pencil isn’t lonely for long though, not once he’s drawn Banjo the little boy, followed by a dog called Bruce and a cat called Mildred, requested by Bruce, of course, so he can chase her around the house, which the pencil drew, and up the road, which the pencil drew.. until everyone realises they’re black and white, so the pencil draws a paintbrush to help him with his creations, her names Kitty. Then yet more and more creations until everything starts to go a bit wrong, people start complaining about their ears being too big, or their trainers aren’t right, the pencil decides to draw a RUBBER!! which is fine, until its not….

A wonderfully funny story about the chaotic world that the pencil creates and what happens when a rubber’s let loose on the world. No one goes without a name, not even the boiled egg.

Allan Ahlbergs creations never fail to entertain but this is certainly one of my personal favourites, accompanied by Bruce Ingmans charming illustrations.


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