Happy Birthday Madame Chapeaux

Andrea Beaty / David Roberts

Abrams, Abrams appleseed

“Like the lady herself all her hats were refined, brilliantly singular, one of a kind…”

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Madame Chapeau is one of the finest hat maker that there’s ever been, she makes hats for everyone young and old, creating headwear perfectly matched to each personality. One night a year Madame Chapeau treats herself to a night out at her favourite restaurant as a birthday celebration, only on this outing a cheeky crow runs off with her bonnet, a bonnet that was made for her by someone very special. Madame Chapeau is offered every hat under the sun by kind and considerate folk that she passes in the street..will she find one suited to her?

A heartwarming tale written in Andrea Beaty’s unmistakable style, wonderful rhymes make this a captivating read. David Roberts is clearly in his elements having first trained to be a milliner before turning to illustration, this books offers plenty of opportunity to bring the two skills together!

For those familiar with this duo’s previous two offerings keep your eye out for Iggy Pecks parents and Rosie Revere’s Uncle.


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