Grow Make & Forage

Alys Fowler, Alys Fowler & Heidi Griffiths


Welcome to the wonderful world of plants!

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Alys Fowler was a gardener before she could even ride a bike, she had her very own garden underneath a fig tree, her mom provided her with lots of lovely plants that were nice to stroke. This early experience sparked a life long passion for plants and a love of gardening, foraging and creating.

Through this gloriously illustrated book Alys shares her love of gardening with simply written, yet informative text to help your small folk (and you) establish an understanding of how to nurture plants and what to do with them once you’ve grown them. The book is divided cleverly into activities, experiments, tips about growing and information about foraging, beautifully illustrated throughout by Heidi Griffiths.

I’ve no doubt that this inspirational book will spark a new generation of budding gardeners and foragers! it will probably help one or two grown ups too.



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