Here We Are

Oliver Jeffers

Harper Collins

Well, hello.
And welcome to this Planet.
We call it Earth.

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The world is HUGE and its easy to get lost, especially when you’ve only just arrived, Oliver Jeffers has very kindly put this guide book together to help you out. Exploring the planet and how we live on it, from land to see, to people and time, Oliver Jeffers note’s offer a guide to all the small people out there embarking on their big journey.

Written for his own child as an introduction to the world this is a heartfelt exploration of what it means to belong to this world, the importance of kindness and how even though things can be very complicated, they can also be quite simple too.

“An optimistic snapshot of contemporary life, this heartfelt hug of a book ought to become a classic” The Guardian

This book and CD edition comes with award-winning audio, read by the internationally best-selling creator himself, Oliver Jeffers.


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