Now Open The Box

Dorothy Cunhart, Dorothy Kunhardt

New York Review Children's Collection, NY Review ofBooks

What’s inside? The teeniest weeniest teeny weeny little dog called Peewee


Peewee is the “teeniest weeniest teeny teeny teeny weeny weeny weeny little dog in all the world” and he lives with the circus man in the circus. Even though he can’t do any tricks the circus man loves him because he is so small – everyone in the circus loves him because he is so small. But then one terrible, dreadful day the most catastrophic thing happens: Peewee begins to grow!!!

Dorothy Kunhardt’s funny tale of the tiniest dog in the world is wonderfully illustrated in her unique style, with a simple and bold colour palette this book appeals to a wide age range.

Now Open The Box was originally published in 1934 and is one of The New York Review Children’s Collection books, created in 2003 to re-introduce classic children’s titles to a new audience.


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