Ada Twist Scientist

Andrea Beaty / David Roberts

Abrams, Abrams appleseed

why, what, how, when…is all Ada wants to know

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Ada Twist didn’t utter a word until the day she turned three, but from that moment on there wasn’t a thing that was left unquestioned, her curious mind turns it’s attention to everything and anything. She sets out one fateful day to find out the cause of a most disgusting scent, is it dads cabbage stew or the cat? only one way to find out!! after an experiment that goes too far her parents loose their patience and Ada ends up on the thinking chair…but nothing can keep her mind from whirring.

The third in this series about an ambitious group of class mates, Andrea Beaty has created a strong set of stories with inspirational messages at their heart. Matched perfectly by David Roberts’ uniquely detailed illustrations these books are a joy to read for both children and adults alike!


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