Word Play author visits / Queensbridge

Hiba Noor Khan / Jeffrey Boakye / Gita Ralleigh

Pre Sale link for author visits to Queensbridge school 13th & 14th November

Word Play Festival will be bringing authors to Queensbridge on the 13th & 14th November to visit Year 7 & 8 students, the following books are available to purchase and can be signed on the day by the author. All purchase’s made will be delivered to the school on the day of the visit.
IMPORTANT NOTE please put in the ORDER NOTES: student name / form number so we can deliver them to the correct person.

Mon 13th November
Hiba Noor Khan – Safiyyah’s War – £6.99

Safiyyah’s War follows the story a young muslim girl growing up in occupied Paris in the early months of WW2. “War comes to the streets of Paris and Safiyyah’s life changes for ever. Her best friend’s family have fled, and the bombing makes her afraid to leave the mosque where she lives. But when her father is arrested by the Nazis for his secret Resistance work, it falls to Safiyyah to run the dangerous errands around the city. It’s not long before hundreds of persecuted Jews seek sanctuary at the mosque. Can Safiyyah find the courage to enter the treacherous catacombs under Paris and lead the Jews to safety?”

Jeffrey Boakye – Kofi & The Rap Battle Summer – £6.99
Kofi had an idea…one big lightning bolt of an idea that hit him like electricity.
And all it needed was Kelvin’s incredible memory for words. Kofi is used to stuff going wrong, he’s usually in detention or about to be. But when he finds out his best friend Kelvin has a photographic memory, he comes up with a genius money-making scheme.

NB this is a remote visit, signed bookplates will be available but not dedicated to the reader.

Tuesday 14th November
Gita Ralleigh – The Destiny of Minou Moonshine – £12.99 (hardback book)

The beautiful queendom of Moonlally has fallen under a tyrant’s rule.
Their queen is dead, worship of their goddess, the Dark Lady, is forbidden, and the precious black diamond that protects the city – a rare fragment of fallen star – has gone missing. When fierce orphan girl Minou Moonshine’s life is unexpectedly shattered, she joins the ragtag band of rebels, the Green Orchids, who are plotting to overthrow the General. Armed with a secret and a map, Minou sets off with her friends and a mechanical elephant, through the lush jungles of Indica, in search of a queen, a goddess and her destiny.