Who Built That? Modern Houses

Didier Cornille

PA Press / Abrams & Chronicle, Princeton Architectural press

an introduction to Modern Houses and their architects


Essential reading for any budding architects, this book sets out to teach readers as simply as possible about the houses designed and built by great modern architects. We are taken on a tour of 10 houses from the 1920’s right up to 2002 including buildings by Frank Lloyd Wright, Charles & Ray Eames and Le Corbusier. The most recent being The Straw House built by Sarah Wigglesworth and Jeremy Till.

Each architect is given a brief introduction followed by the key features and inspirations behind one of their designs, accompanied by simple and fun drawings. Cornille gives just the right amount of information to captivate young minds providing an insight into architecture and hopefully leading them to want to learn more.

Didier Cornille is a designer and professor at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts Du Mans


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