The Wing on a flea

Ed Emberley


A Book about shapes


“A triangle is..
The wing on a flea
and the beak on a bird
if you’ll just look and see”

Ever wondered what a triangle, rectangle or a circle look like? well Ed Emberley will tell you if you’ll just look and see.

Ed Emberley’s use of bold block colour and line drawings coupled with fun rhyming verse make for an entertaining look at the world around us and an effective tool for encouraging children to learn about shapes.

Recently republished by AMMO books The Wing On A Flea was Ed Emberley’s first book written and published in 1962, now in his eighties Ed Emberley is a Caldecott award-winning children’s book illustrator and writer. He is best known for inspiring a generation of children to learn to draw through his series of straight forward how-to-draw books, encouraging them to use just a few simple shapes and making drawing accessible to everyone.


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