The NightSilver Promise

Annaliese Avery



Set in a world ruled by science and astrology, everyone knows their own path right from the start because its written in their stars when they’re born, stars which every child receives as a tattoo. However this didn’t happen for Paisley she has lived as an anomaly for 13 years without ever receiving her “stars”, although she longs to get them, to know what her life holds for her, she has started to think that perhaps you don’t have to be ruled by the track that is set out for you, perhaps you can make your own path?

Paisley’s mother is a revered scientist, when Paisley and her brother are informed that she’s been killed in an accident, directly after just revealing her latest and hugely controversial work, they are not convinced, they believe that she’s still alive and in need of help, so they set out to find out the truth.

A truly original story with a complex narrative suitable for 9+ to read to themselves or be read to, or if you have 7+ who are ok with a story with a sense of peril then this is fine to read too.


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