S Marshak, Samuil Marshark / Vladimir Lebedev

Tate, Tate Publishing

a lady goes on a trip and packs her luggage but one thing is left behind


A lady goes on a trip and checks her baggage at the station, everything makes it to the other end…apart from her dog, who has been replaced with a larger version!!

Baggage is a classic title from what has been termed “a modernist golden age for children’s books” first published in 1926 it was part of a post revolution push by both the government and the art world to “shape an ideologically new, modern Russian people”  Author Samuil Marshark and artists Vladimir Lebedev collaborated on nearly 50 titles and were at the forefront of this movement in children’’s literature. A selection of these titles have thankfully been translated into English and published by Tate publishing in 2013.

NB Baggage is short poem, it is 8 pages long (with illustrations) the book includes a 2 page afterword by Sarah Suzuki Associate Curator, MoMA and the original text by Samuil Marshak in Russian.


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