The High St

Alice Melvin

Tate, Tate Publishing

Join Sally on her trip along the high street, she’s got lots of things to find.

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“Sally’s in the High Street and this is what she needs…” visit Mr Foggins in his sweet shop hopefully you’ll be able to cross a candy heart off Sally list and perhaps you’ll find a cherry tart in Mr Bottons bakery, in amongst the sticky doughnuts. What magical musical instrument can you find in Mrs Millards Music shop, a tin kazoo maybe?

Alice Melvin has created the kind of High Street that I dream of but rarely will you find today, how lovely then to join Sally on her journey and take a peak into all the different shops as each page fold outs to reveal the treasure contained behind every door. Sally’s world is brought to life by Alice’s inimitable style and imagination a treat for all ages.


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