The Extremely Inconvenient Adventures of Bronte Mettlestone (Bronte book1)

Jaclyn Moriarty

Guppy Books

Join Bronte as she journeys across the kingdoms, in order to save her home town and maybe discover something about her parents along the way…

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Bronte Mettlestone’s parents abandoned her when she was a baby, leaving her Aunt Isabelle to raise her, along with the butler. So the news of her parents death at the hands of pirates, which incidently was delivered by telegram, is not hugely upsetting for her, but it is their will that causes the most termoil. Brontes parents have left strict instructions that she must deliver individual presents to each of her ten Aunts, who live all across the kingdoms, she must do this alone (despite only being 10 years old) and if she doesn’t then her home town of Gainsleigh will be destroyed. This they ensured by having the will faery cross stitched, so Aunt Isabelle has no choice over whether or not to let Bronte go…

And so the adventure begins, and what an adventure it is! this book was hands down our family favourite of 2019 and has already made a lasting impression on both our daughters aged 9 & 6. Its rare to find a book that the whole family is happy to read I can’t recommend it enough. Enjoy the adventure!!


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