Book of Bees

Piotr Socha

Thames & Hudson

What does a beekeeper actually do? and who survived 2443 bee stings? answers in this book!!

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The Book of Bees has everything you ever needed to know about bees in one gloriously illustrated book (well maybe technically not everything, but there is ALOT of information in here) Tracking the history of bees from the dinosaurs to the present day, taking a look at the role bees have played in history and in the natural world and how important they are to the survival of the human race.

Also includes great facts such as “In order to produce one kilo of honey, bees must visit over four million flowers, flying about 110,000 miles in the process. This is the same distance as flying around the world four times!” and my favourite about how bees don’t go to the toilet ALL WINTER because they can’t leave the hive until the weathers warm and they don’t leave droppings in the hive!!! gauranteed to entertain and educate.



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