Little Red

Bethan Woollvin, Bethank Woollvin

Two Hoots, Two Hoots / Macmillan

Little Red Riding Hood gets a makeover!

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This is Little Red Riding Hood but not as you know her..

  • Little Red Riding Hood meets a wolf on her way to Grandmas, tick.
  • The wolf is hungry and Little Red looks tasty, tick.
  • The wolf runs off to get to Grandma first and gobbles her up..tick

But thats where things take a turn for the better, this Little Red Riding Hood has a plan of her very own and the wolf had better watch out!

A fantastic twist on the original, wonderfully written, with brilliant, bold illustrations by Bethan Woollvin, this was her first children’s book, created whilst she was still studying at Cambridge School of Art and has gone on to win several awards including the Macmillan Prize for Illustration.


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